Morgan Le Fey

Huckster fortune teller


See the character sheet for the good stuff


Allright, lets just get rambling for now.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (nudging CG and NG at times)
BLood type: B (chaotic and irresponsible if I read that right)
Personality: Sanguine

Trying for a curious, often bemused, and sometimes snarky feel. Quite helpful to friends, snarky and trickster to those she likes less. Known for the occasional scam and friendly con, but she is moving towards good at times, especially in trying to become someone, well, useful. She is young and naive and straight to the point at times, and prone to studying things then actively doing things at times.

Description: maybe five feet tall on a good day. Brown hair and brown eyes. Hair is cut very short, tomboyishly dressed. Asian appearance but vague on exact background, aside from born in CA. Often wears Tshirt and jeans, and many designs that all but shout "I"M A Mage!". Cheap sneakers and a big ol’ ratty faux leather purse, festooned with a variety of buttons and holding her arcane tools. May have a vest with too many pockets too time to time.

Morgan Le Fey

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